Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Truck Crashes Into Barrier at 50mph

As a small crowd watches, a former Blue Bell ice cream delivery truck barrels into a steel barrier at 50 mph. The truck’s windshield and hood hurtle forward while its cab folds like an accordion. The black barrels in the vehicle's trailer, made to act as stand-ins for explosives, hop a few inches into the air before restraints pull them back down.

The goal was to prevent the truck bed from making it further than one meter past the barrier, a spot marked by a blue pole at the testing site. None of the truck’s bed made it past the barrier, marking the test a success, The ability of a driver to survive such a crash is not a primary concern.

The U.S. State Department is developing a steel barrier that can immediately stop a speeding 15,000-pound truck. The government agency is developing the structure with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute at the university in College Station who released a video of a test run that shows the truck getting completely totaled after colliding with the barrier at 50 mph. it is being developed to protect international U.S. embassy bases.

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