Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lubavitcher Nigun "Tiku Bachodesh" Music Video

The song and video was created for a children's rally of Lubavitcher youth. 27 Elul, 5774.

The tune was originally known as "A Nigun Leshabbos VeYom Tov." A sweet and enthusiastic melody in three parts, giving introspective expressiion and a deep yearning for religious inspiration and spiritual elevation. This nigunis of very early origin and is also widely spread among various Chassidic groups.

The third stanza of the song is commonly sung to the words "Tiku Bachodesh, Bachodesh Hashevii, Shuvo Yisroel." The story is told of a Chosid who returned home after spending the month of Tishrei in Lubavitch, Russia with the Rebbe Rashab fo Lubavitch (Rabbi Shlomom Dovber Schneersohn, 10 September 1892 - 21 March 1920). The Chosid, being just a simple G-d Fearing Jew, was unable to understand any of the Torah taught by the Rebbe, all he could repeat to his hometown residents were - in this very tune- the titles of three of the Maamorim (Chassidic discourses) delivered by the Rebbe:
"תקעו בחודש, בחודש השביעי, שובה ישראל"

The song in the video below tells of this story.

Sung by Eli Marcus and Benny Friedman. Music by Chony Milecki.

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Amazing. Must watch. I know it's kinda late but wtvr