Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dovid Gabay - The Letter - Daven For Me - Music Video

As the Yomim Norai’m are ever so quickly approaching, here is a brand new music video to help us get into the right mind frame to daven on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world.

Chazal tell us that if two people are in need of the same salvation, they should pray for each other that the other’s need should be answered. By doing so, together, they open the gates of mercy, and thereby create a zechus in Shamayim that THEIR prayers be answered.

The song entitled “The Letter”, from Dovid Gabay’s 2nd album, Omar Dovid, has been a true inspiration for so many around the globe, but most importantly for an individual residing in Brooklyn, NY. Upon hearing the song, and realizing his own child was in desperate need of tefilos, he decided, based on the message of this very song, to start an organization for individuals all around the world to be paired up with others who are in need of the same salvation.

The organization is called Daven For Me and currently has over 5,000 subscribed members, and counting… This movement of tefilah has brought about many yeshuos in the world. Many of which you can read about on the organization’s website:


Anonymous said...

Amazing music video! Amazing organization!! Completely L'shem Shamayim.

Gloria Pariser said...

Very Moving. I cry each time I watch the video. What an excellent movement. Kol Ha Kovod!