Sunday, September 28, 2014

Argument Leaves Boy With Broken Heart

A heartbreaking debate between some young toddlers was caught on camera.  The little boy and a pair of little girls were arguing whether it was raining or sprinkling outside.  "My mom told me it was sprinkling," the little boy proclaimed.  "My mom said it is raining," one of the little girls emphatically replied.  "No! My mom said it was sprinkling," the little boy quickly argued.

The debate goes on for more than a minute, with each side passionately imploring their case. But then things came to blows as one of the little girls poked the little boy right in the chest.  "Ow," he claims, as eyes begin to fill with tears.  "Are you okay?" asks the other little girl, obviously shocked by her sister's actions.  "You poked my heart," the little boy then cries out.  The second little girl then tries to comfort the boy's broken heart.

We're still not sure if it was sprinkling or raining.

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