Friday, August 15, 2014

London Mayor Visits Jewish Home In Stamford Hill

London Mayor Boris Johnson was welcomed last week to a special Kol Boniach Appreciation Breakfast in Stamford Hill’s Jewish community.

The breakfast was hosted by Rabbi Osher Schapiro, Founder and Director of  Kol Boniach, a UK-based organization helping Teens At Risk / Kids In Pain established in 2002. Rabbi Schapiro was joined by many elected officials and community leaders.  The mayor was honored with the Rodeph Chesed Award for his constant efforts to help the organization and the community.

Accepting the award, the mayor spoke for a few minutes about the special work Kol Boniach does for the community and finished by praising the entire community. “Stamford Hill’s community is contributing well above the average to London,” Johnson stated.

Shloime Gertner who also attended sang for the mayor

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