Friday, August 01, 2014

Daredevil Dangles From The Top Of Cranes And Buildings

A daredevil in Russia has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase hanging out with his friends.  Captured dangling from the edges of building and cranes, fearless teenager, Alexander Rusinov, 19, knows no bounds when it comes to personal safety.

Accompanied by a group of plucky pals, the barmy bunch take it in turns to photograph and film Alexander hanging from heights hundreds of meters in the air.  After scouting his home city of Saratov, Russia, for some of the highest locations around, the human hangman then carefully plans his next death defying stunt.

Through his six years of training, Alexander has suffered two serious injuries, most notably a knee injury and has been warned by doctors to stop his crazy antics or face serious long term health issues.  But despite dicing with death on a regular basis, Alexander notes that the only thing he is afraid of is another serious injury and rarely considers dying.

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