Monday, July 07, 2014

Tension Escalating in Israel

'A Murder is a Murder' Israeli Ambassador Says - ABC News' Alex Marquardt and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer on rising tensions and violence the Middle East.

'The tipping point' in Israel? - Ari Shavit, senior correspondent for the left wing Ha'aretz, says escalation between Israel and Hamas may be imminent.

Violence against teens in Israel - Violence against teens in Jerusalem stokes tensions. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.

'I'm speechless' Palestinian-US teen beaten by Israeli police under house arrest - The brutally beaten, 15-year-old US-Palestinian cousin of murdered teen Mohammad Abu Khdeir has been placed under house arrest, despite police demands to keep him in custody. Tarek Abu Khdeir was accused of attacking police officers at a protest.

Israel bombs Gaza: Air Forces target 10 sites - Flashes lit the skies over Gaza and the sounds of explosions were heard across the area in the early hours of Sunday as Israel said its aircraft targeted 10 sites in Gaza. A statement from the Israeli Defense Forces said its aircraft attacked what they said were militant sites in the Gaza Strip following rocket fire aimed at south Israel from Gaza.

Beaten American teen speaks to CNN - CNN's Ben Wedeman spoke to the American teenager beaten in Jerusalem and his family.

Hamas militants YM"S give armed press conference, warn Israel - Hamas' military wing has threatened Israel with more strikes if it 'continues to wage war in the region' as border tension rises. "Any foolish move the Israeli leadership makes will put Israeli towns in the range of our rockets. We will strike new targets," an Izz ad-Din al-Qassam spokesman said. (Turn captions on) FULL TEXT:

"We promise that one stupid move your leaders make will constitute sufficient ground to turn all of your towns, even those you wouldn't expect, into targets and burning cinders.

Israel may initiate the escalation, but it doesn't know how it will continue and how it will end.

he treats the occupiers issue, and the allusions to war against Gaza have no meaning, other than drawing the hour of vengeance and lesson-learning closer."

Arabs Smash Windows of PRCS Ambulance at Mohammed Abu Khdeir Funeral - The Arab Boy who was Killed by Israeli Settlers as Revenge Attack for Kidnapping & Murdering 3 Israelis Teens, Body of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was Found Burnt in Jerusalem Forest, the body was driven by Ambulance into Shuafat. The Palestinian Arabs wouldn't let the ambulance drive the body in to the local mosque, insisting the body must be hoisted above the heads of the crowds and while crowds paid tribute to him properly. In anger, they smashed the ambulance's windows insisting the body be handed over. His father simply watched on his son was taken away by the crowds.

PM Netanyahu's remarks during his visit to Nof Ayalon

PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Opening of Weekly Cabinet Meeting - July 6, 2014.

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