Tuesday, July 15, 2014

News From Israel Monday Night July 14

Gingrich outraged Israel under attack - Newt Gingrich is outraged that Israel is under attack and CNN's Paul Begala agrees with him.

Bennett on BBC: Hamas a coward. Killing its own children

CNN's Wolf Blitzer takes cover at a checkpoint near the Israel and Gaza border.

Watch: Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition (14 Jul 2014)

Hamas at its weakest? - A former adviser to Palestinian leadership says Hamas is weaker and more isolated than it has been in years.

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System Pays Off -  Hamas' long-range rockets have been intercepted by the latest defense technology.

President Obama Relates to the Situation in Israel

Bochurem in Sderot watch rockets fired from Gaza - The BBC's James Reynolds reports from near Sderot - which has been targeted by rocket attacks from Gaza - and where residents are calling for more action from Israel

'Hamas wants to destroy Israel' says Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat - BBC News -  Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, says Hamas attempts to target Jerusalem with rockets are totally unacceptable and will not succeed.

RT Reports - Fatal Edge: Over 180 Palestinians killed, thousands flee as Israel broadens bombing blitz - There's no respite for the people of Gaza, in Israel's now week-long anti-terrorist operation. Thousands have fled - with the number of Palestinians killed reaching 175, most of them civilian. The UN says 32 of them are children - and calls the situation in the region devastating and unpredictable. Harry Fear is in Gaza for RT, talking to some of the victims' relatives.

RAW: Pro-Palestinian rally in Paris turns ugly, protesters clash with police. - Thousands marched in Paris on Sunday to protest Israel's Operation Protective Edge. The demonstration turned violent when some protesters started throwing projectiles at police officers, who in turn responded with tear gas. One of the synagogues was attacked during a service, with worshipers briefly blocked inside.

Raw Footage of Hamas Firing Barrage of Rockets at Israel - During Operation Protective Edge, terrorists are seen firing a large barrage of rockets at Israel.

Hamas Spokesperson: "We Are Leading Our People to Death" - Hamas spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, says of Hamas' policy during Operation Protective Edge: "We aren't leading our people today to destruction. We are leading them to death."

Hamas Spokesperson Encourages Use of Human Shield - The spokesperson for Hamas in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, spoke on Al Aqsa TV about the use of civilians as a human shield. He refers to the night of June 8 when the IDF avoided civilian casualties by aborting an air strike. He encourages Palestinians in Gaza to continue the practice in order to deter IDF strikes.

IDF Airstrike on Weapons Cache Causes Huge Secondary Explosion - As a part of Operation Protective Edge, the IDF strikes a warehouse identified as a weapons storage facility. After the airstrike, large secondary explosions can be seen, confirming IDF intelligence about the warehouse.

Raw Footage of Hamas Firing Barrage of Rockets at Israel - During Operation Protective Edge, terrorists are seen firing a large barrage of rockets at Israel.

A family of endangered elephants at central Israel’s Ramat Gan zoo were filmed cowering and protectively shielding their young, with nowhere else to go, when terrifying sirens erupted around them.

The full-grown Asian elephants, seen wildly tossing their trunks in the air, huddled and cried around their two babies while other wildlife was heard similarly crying out in distress.

Once the chaos ended, zoo spokeswoman Sagit Horowitz, who filmed the experience, reported that the elephants returned to their normal lives.

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