Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Latest Videos Released by IDF & Israeli Gov. Tue July 22

PM Netanyahu presents to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon review rockets and operating methods of Hamas terrorists.

Rare video of a shootout with terrorist - Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel via a tunnel from Gaza. The terrorists were wearing full IDF uniforms, including boots and vests, and had explosives strapped to their bodies. They were engaged and killed by IDF forces.

IAF Provides Air Support to Paratroopers in Combat - As IDF infantry forces combat terrorists in Gaza, they are supported from above by the Israel Air Force. This video provides a rare glimpse at the cooperation between ground and aerial forces.

Operation Protective Edge: Hamas Violates International Law - Throughout Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has ordered civilians to act as human shields, stored weapons in populated areas and indiscriminately fired rockets at Israel -- all of which are violations of international law. The terrorist organization commits war crimes and threatens Palestinian and Israeli lives on a daily basis.

Wounded Golani Commander Returns to Troops - Col. Rasan Alian, commander of the Golani Brigade, was wounded while fighting Hamas in Gaza. On July 22, he returned to his troops after recovering in Israel.

Terrorists Use Ambulance for Transportation in Gaza - IDF forces recently identified two Palestinian terrorists using an ambulance to travel within Gaza. On a daily basis, Hamas uses ambulances, houses and other civilian infrastructure to protect its terrorists.

Blasts After IDF Strike Prove Hamas Used Tunnel for Terror - On July 21, an IDF aircraft struck a major Hamas tunnel in Gaza. The airstrike triggered several secondary explosions, proving that the tunnel was filled with weapons and explosives. Hamas maintains an underground tunnel network in Gaza for the purpose of attacking Israel. Destroying these tunnels is a major objective of the IDF's ground operation in Gaza.

Statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Tanks firing artillery תקיפת שלושה מחבלים שעסקו בהכנות לשיגור רקטה

 חשיפת מנהרת טרור על ידי כוח צנחנים והשמדתה

 תקיפת מחבל לאחר שירה אל עבר כוחותינו

The IAF continues operating even at night

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