Sunday, July 20, 2014

Latest Discussions on Israel - Sunday July 20

Mike Huckabee Opening Monologue on Hamas-Israel. - Enough Is Enough! - America Shouldn't Keep The World Guessing on Who It Will Stand With. July 19, 2014.

Former US president Bill Clinton speaking to NDTV in Jaipur, India last week.

"Are you kidding me?" - Bennett responds to hostile Sky News anchor.

Huckabee Tells The Truth About Israel.

Did NBC punish reporter for bias? - Brian Stelter talks with CNN International correspondent Jim Clancy about bias in middle east reporting.

UNRWA declares emergency in Gaza - The U.N. says more than 50,000 Palestinians are seeking shelter, and the organization is in need of financial donations.

Bennett on Fox News: "Israel surrounded by 300 millions Muslims and fighting for its freedom"

Hillary Clinton on Charlie Rose discussing the Gaza war.

Kerry Responds to Hot Mic Moment Re: Israel's Ground Op in Gaza.

British commander Col. Richard Kemp: "IDF is most moral army in the history of warfare"

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Anonymous said...

this guy is an idiot he knows the truth yet he still tries to say that Israel should give away land