Tuesday, July 29, 2014

News Update from Israel Tuesday July 29

Israel pounds high-profile targets in Gaza - At least 30 Palestinians have been killed in some of the heaviest bombardments from air, sea and land since the Israeli offensive began. The attacks came in response to Hamas rocket fire. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Hamas airs video of cross-border tunnel raid on Israeli army Video released by Hamas appears to show militants emerging from a tunnel and attacking Israeli soldiers at an outpost near the border with Gaza. Vanessa Johnston reports.

CNN Reports: "Israel still blames Hamas for deaths of three teens - Randi Kaye reports on the three Israeli teens who were killed last months -- which some say sparked the violence in Gaza."  The truth is these 3 Kedoshim saved perhaps thousands of Jewish lives by triggering off one thing which led to the next, ultimately leading to Israel entering Gaza and discovering the tunnel threat, thwarting what could been Israel's worst terrorist attack in it's history R"L.

CNN reporter has a close call in Gaza - A large blast rocks a Gaza City building, forcing CNN's Karl Penhaul to dive for cover.

Egypt's role.

Is Hamas' Al Aqsa channel news or propaganda? - CNN's Anderson Cooper looks at Al Aqsa, a TV channel run by Hamas which some say the group uses to broadcast propaganda.

F-16 fighters drop bombs on Gaza -  CNN's Karl Penhaul reports on some of the heaviest fighting in Gaza, as F-16 fighters continue to drop bombs.

As war rages on, Iran tries to reignite ties to Hamas - Iran's Ayatollah spoke out in support of Hamas as his country tries to re-kindle their partnership against Israel.

What will it take to destroy Hamas' tunnels? - CNN's Wolf Blitzer takes you inside a tunnel that the IDF says was built by Hamas to enter Israel.

CNN reporter ducks after explosion in Gaza - While speaking to Anderson Cooper, Karl Penhaul reacted to a strike in Gaza City.

Gaza funerals: At least 100 Palestinians have been killed since Monday midnight after Israel beefed up its military operation in the Gaza Strip, according to Gaza health officials.

Gaza Ceasefire Fiasco: 100 Palestinians and 5 IDF soldiers reportedly killed in overnight bloodbath - The Israeli military intensified the shelling of Gaza overnight, killing dozens and leaving hundreds injured in air and missile strikes. Israel's PM told citizens to prepare for a “protracted campaign” until the “mission is accomplished.” Harry Fear reports from Gaza.

RAW: Clashes, violence in Kashmir at anti-Israeli protest - Police in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir used tear gas on Tuesday to disperse people protesting against Israel's ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

IDF aftermath: Gaza power plant ablaze, media hub destroyed - Fourteen homes were damaged by the air strikes, 40,000 people were left without electricity and 20,000 people without wastewater disposal. Two Israeli tank shells have hit the Gaza Strip’s only power plant, according to a spokesman for Gaza's electricity distribution company.

Gaza Bombing: Massive explosion as Israeli strikes hit media building - An Israeli air strike hit a media building housing Hamas's Al Aqsa TV channel in the centre of Gaza City early on Tuesday morning. The strikes overnight on Monday followed an almost 12-hour lull in war-torn Gaza.

Israel strikes house of Hamas Gaza leader, digs in for long fight - Israel's military pounds targets in the Gaza Strip, firing a missile at Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh and causing damage but no casualties were reported. Sarah Toms reports.

By the extremely anti Semitic Channel 4 News of Britain - The view from inside Gaza as Israel increases attacks - It has been the fiercest bombardment of this 3 week conflict: scores of Palestinians killed as Israeli forces pounded targets across Gaza from the air, from land and from sea. Paul Mason reports.

By the extremely anti Semitic Channel 4 News of Britain - Paul Mason reports from the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza  -  Paul Mason on the ground in Gaza City as hopes of a ceasefire between Hamas and the IDF fail.

By the extremely anti Semitic Channel 4 News of Britain - Camped out at a 'surreal border post' near Gaza - Paul Mason looks at the options as fighting resumes in Gaza after ceasefire breaks down.

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