Monday, July 28, 2014

Latest Videos from the IDF and about the IDF

IDF Responds After Hamas Breaks Cease-Fire - On July 27, Hamas broke the latest cease-fire. The IDF's paratroopers respond with fire.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon takes a Break for a Spiritual Boost.

IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, extended words of encouragement to the soldiers in Gaza, who are working to eliminate Hamas' tunnel threat against Israel.

Hamas Fires Rockets from Civilian Areas in Gaza - The terrorist organization Hamas fires rockets from civilian areas of Gaza and hopes to strike civilians in Israel.

Armored Corps Detonate Tunnel Used for Terror - On July 27, the IDF's Armored Corps detonate one of many terror tunnels used by Hamas in Gaza.

Exclusive: Inside a Hamas Tunnel Leading to Israel - An inside look at an underground tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel. This tunnel would have enabled terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks. It was discovered and detonated by the IDF's Golani Brigade and Combat Engineering Corps.

IDF Aborts Airstrike When Civilians Appear Near Target - The IDF calls of an airstrike on a moving target in real-time when civilians suddenly appear nearby.

Hamas Terrorists Fire a Rocket from a Graveyard -A Hamas terrorist can be seen firing a rocket at Israel from within a graveyard in Gaza. Hamas has continually abused Gaza's public areas as places to launch rocket attacks at Israel. Hamas is responsible for all damage done to Gaza caused by return fire.

Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets from a Gazan School - Hamas terrorists are seen shooting three rockets at Israel from within a school in Gaza. Hamas has consistently used schools and other public buildings as rocket launching sites. They are responsible for bringing damage to Gaza from wherever they fire.

Gaza Streets and Homes Rigged with Explosives - In the southern Gaza Strip, the IDF Givati Brigade found explosives on doors of homes and mines on streets.

IDF Demolishes Tunnel Used to Attack Golani Vehicle - Seven soldiers from the Golani Brigade were killed on July 20 when Hamas terrorists emerged from an attack tunnel in Gaza and fired an anti-tank missile at their armored vehicle. We found the tunnel, and on July 26, we destroyed it.

כינון ישיר של אגד ארטילרי לעבר שכונת סג'עיה

 כוח שריון תוקף מנהרות טרור

פעילות חיל התותחנים

IDF Paratroopers Expose Hamas Tunnel and Weapons - On July 27, IDF paratroopers discovered another Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, IDF forces have exposed more than 30 Hamas tunnels throughout Gaza. Hamas' extensive tunnel network enables its terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out terror attacks.

ביקור הרמטכ"ל בחטיבת שריון

 פעילות חטיבת גבעתי ברצועת עזה

השמדת מנהרות טרור ברצועת עזה

 זיהוי פיר מנהרה ותקיפתו

 פיצוץ פיר המנהרה שממנה בוצע ירי נ"ט לעבר נגמ"ש גולני, הבוקר

Lenny Maman at the IDF homefront command.

IDF Homefront Command: Our Guidelines Save Lives

Border Police Officer Recounts Thwarting Car Bomb. Another miracle in the Holy Land

Video of a robot working on the car which was intended to be used in a terror attack.

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