Thursday, July 31, 2014

Latest Videos from the IDF Thursday July 31

IDF Soldiers Find Mosque with Weapons and Tunnel Openings - While operating in Gaza against Hamas, IDF soldiers found a mosque that contained many weapons. Furthermore, two tunnel openings were found in the bottom floor, which was also the prayer area.

12 Examples of Hamas Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas - Hamas continuously commits a double war crime by launching rockets from civilian areas in Gaza at civilians in Israel. By doing this, Hamas causes harm to both Israelis and Gazans.

POV Footage of Special Forces Storming Building in Gaza - First-person footage from the field of IDF special forces storming a terrorist building in Shuja'iya. They seize a stockpile of weapons and uncover a tunnel opening.

Nahal Brigade Detonates A Hamas Tunnel - The Nahal Brigade's engineering corps detonated a tunnel built by Hamas. This tunnel, meant for terrorism purposes, lead under the Erez Crossing area, which was built by Israel to allow the flow of people between Gaza and Israel.

Armored Corps Locates & Destroys Hamas Tunnel - On July 30, forces from the IDF Armored Corps destroyed another part of Hamas' vast underground tunnel network. All arms of the IDF continue to work together to locate and destroy tunnels used by Hamas for terrorist purposes.

IDF Forces Find & Destroy Terror Tunnel In Gaza Mosque - On July 30, a joint IDF task force uncovered a tunnel entrance on the ground floor of a mosque that had been used by Hamas terrorists to attack Israeli soldiers. The extent of the tunnel is revealed by amazing aerial footage of its demolition.

IDF Detonates Large Tunnel in Gaza - As part of Operation Protective Edge, the IDF is continuing to eliminate Hamas' tunnels from Gaza leading into Israel, which are used to murder or kidnap Israelis.

חשיפת מנהרת טרור ע"י לוחמי גבעתי וכוח הנדסה

A Young Israeli Speaks Out About Gaza - Melkamo, a young Israeli paratrooper in the IDF, speaks out about why Israel must defend its civilians, and how you can help make sure the world hears the truth about whats happening in Israel.

Raising IDF Soldiers' Spirits

Bais Shmuel representative visits IDF soldiers in Gaza

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 היתקלות כוחות גבעתי במחבלים ברצועת עזה

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