Sunday, July 27, 2014

Iceberg Collapses Terrifies Woman On Nearby Boat

Boaters off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, got quite the show Last week Tuesday when an iceberg collapsed before their eyes as they were observing floes in the Bay of Exploits. One woman in particular became extremely alarmed by the sinking ice, which generated some sizable waves.

In this video, the woman can be heard screaming as the iceberg collapses into the bay.

Identified as Newfoundland resident Wanda Stead, the woman in the video later explained that she feared the waves of ice chunks that were heading toward the boat, which was only about 100 to 150 feet away from the iceberg.

"I think my heart came up, and I swallowed it. I was petrified," Stead told CBC News. "All I could see was this tidal wave coming toward us."

While it's been a banner year for viewing icebergs in the northeast Canadian province -- Newfoundland saw the most sea ice along the coast since 2003 -- boaters are advised to maintain a safe distance from the bergs, since they can be unpredictable.

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