Sunday, July 13, 2014

Discussions & Interviews On Situation in Israel

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Interview On CBS Face The Nation

Naftali Bennett shows real rocket to Americans: "Imagine if hundreds of these hit your neighborhood"

Israel on the Brink of War? - ABC News contributor Col. Steve Ganyard (ret.) and the Woodrow Wilson Center's Aaron David Miller on Israel's battle with Hamas.

Israeli ambassador: Israel tries to minimize civilian deaths - Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., discusses the escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Ben Shapiro: "It's borderline a Jew-hating administration" - At least five world leaders reached out to Israel before President Obama, and Ben Shapiro (Editor-in-Chief, Truthrevolt) joins Megyn Kelly on FOX to weigh in with his take on the situation.

Where do Israel and the Palestinians go from here? - Jane Harman, Gerald Seib, Danielle Pletka, and Nia-Malika Henderson discuss the escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians, and what can be done to end it.

CNN's Jake Tappertalks with Palestinian spokeswoman who fell from "Olam Ha'Dimyonos" and talks about Hamas and the situation on Israel.

Roundtable: Crisis in Israel - ABC News' Martha Raddatz reports from Israel, and the powerhouse roundtable discusses the battle between Israel and Hamas.

Palestinian ambassador: Root cause of violence is Israel's "occupation" - Maen Areikat, the top Palestinian diplomat to the United States, discusses the escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Start of Cabinet Meeting - 13/07/2014

From the extremely liberal and anti Semitic Russia Today news channel "CrossTalk: Target-Gaza" - As Israel appears to be preparing for yet another assault on the Gaza Strip, what does it want to achieve? Is the goal to completely destroy Hamas? And should we expect Washington to stand by and watch the killing of civilians? CrossTalking with Dan Arbell, (the self hating Jew) Norman Finkelstein and Mouin Rabbani.

This is a 3 verses 1 discussion.

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