Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Weinreb Brothers "Mayain Olam Habah"

The Weinreb Brothers, Mayain Olam Habah. Recorded at Sherwood Ridge Studios, Pomona, NY. Sound Engineer C Lanzbom

All Music and Arrangements by WB. Composed by Mendy Weinreb.

Featuring the Weinreb Brothers:
Yoel M - Acoustic/Electric Guitars
Chaim Shlomo- Piano/Keyboards/Bass
Mendy - Lead Vocals/ Ukelele/Shakers
Reuven- Percussion (Djembe,Toro Drums)/Flute/Harmonica/Saxophone/Etc...
Guest Guitar solo - C Lanzbom of SoulFarm
With The Incredible Sommer Dance Crew

Camera by Motty Engel. Editing by Jarrod Hurwitz.

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Mordy said...

The Weinreb brothers are amazing! Y
ou should see them live!