Thursday, June 05, 2014

Simcha L'Artzecha! - Simcha Leiner

The Official Music Video for "Simcha L'Artzecha" By Simcha Leiner.

Album available for purchase on iTunes

This music video artistically depicts the career of Simcha Leiner. After writing his hit song Kol Berama while in yeshiva - Simcha's music career took on a life of its own. Hundreds of weddings later, Simcha had become an accomplished artist releasing a chart topping album Pischi Li. A concert tour quickly followed and Simcha continues to perform at concerts and events worldwide.

Album Produced by Yochi Briskman. Song Written by Yitzy Waldner. Song Arranged by Udi Damari. Izeek Daniel PR. Video Produced & directed by - Moshe Bree. Written by - Mendy Pellin. Lighting by Steiner Productions.

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