Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Child Passes Away After Falling Three Stories In CH

Baruch Dayan Haemes - The 21 month old boy who tragically fell from the window in his apartment building this morning May 21 2014 has passed away.

Yisroel Levi Yitzchok Nemon, a 21 month old boy who was critically injured after
 he fell out of a sixth-floor window of an apartment building inCrown Heights Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Police responded to a call about the injured toddler at the seven-story building on Crown
 Street in Crown Heights shortly after 11:30 a.m. They say the boy fell from the sixth-floor apartment window to a third-floor balcony.

Emergency responders could not initially get into the third-floor apartment where
 the child was on the balcony because no one was home, so they went into
 a fourth-floor apartment just above the balcony and climbed down from
there to retrieve the child. According to first responders, the injured boy was not home alone; his mother and his babysitter were in the apartment with him.

It's not clear how he was able to get out the window, but a similar
apartment in the same building showed a wall air-conditioning unit was
placed below the window, which the child could have climbed on.

There were no window guards on the windows.

The NY post reports that Levi’s mother, was changing one of her other children’s diapers while Levi sat nearby in his crib, the mother briefly left the room to get another diaper, and when she got back, Levi was already climbing out the window.
According to police there were no bars or gates on the window.

Levi is survived by his father Binyomin and mother Sarah Rivkah.

Meanwhile, Meir Pliskin a tenant from the building has posted a video that shows neighbors rushing to the toddler after being found at a third-floor balcony in the back of the building.

Umachah Hashem Dimah M'Al Kol Ponim.

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Why are u posting this????
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