Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ari Lesser - A Song for his Grandmother

By Ari Lesser "Dedicated to my Grandma Ethel."

Grandma Lyrics:

You stopped eating food, didn't even try
You were tired of living so you chose to die
Way across the country never got to say goodbye
When I heard the news all I could do was cry

Had tears falling from my eyes like rain
Drank a whole bottle of wine to kill the pain
When I realized I'd never see you again
Memories of you began to flash through my brain

Wished I could seen you just once more
Your face would light up as I walked through the door
But I should have made a better effort before
Cause now you were gone and it hurt to my core

Could barely believe that it was true
Far from friends and family mourning you
My last grandparent, only one I really knew
I was so alone there was nothing I could do

Felt sorry for myself but now I finally see
You needed help to eat, you needed help to pee
Life wasn't worth living, you chose not to be
Trapped in a dying body now your soul is free

I'll always remember how your cooking taste
Your loving laugh, your warm embrace
And though I'm going to miss your seeing smiling face
In my heart I know you're in a better place

So I'm still sad but it's not half as bad
And I want you to know that I'm so glad
That you raised me, and you raised my dad
And I'm very grateful for the time that we had

If I could bring you back, well maybe I would
I'm going to miss you grandma, you were so good
You never did me wrong, you always understood
And loved me more than anybody else ever could

When I think of you that's what I think of
It's what you we're about when push comes to shove
So if you're still on earth or in heaven up above
In your honor I will spread love

You showed me what love was really worth
Filled me up with loving ever since my birth
So now it is my turn to do the reverse
And spread that love all over this earth

Your love is with me everywhere I go
At every single show, in every single flow
Didn't get to tell you that before you died so
I hope you can hear me I pray that you know

I'm speaking from my heart, I'm being sincere
You mean so much to me you are dear
Wherever I travel your love will be near
So even though you're gone you're still right here

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