Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Snowmobilers Charged By Angry Moose

A New Hampshire couple got more than they bargained for, while snowmobiling in Jackson, Maine. The couple, identified as Janis and Bob Powell of Belmont, N.H., were riding along a snowmobiling trail on Friday when a moose jumped out in front of them. They followed the moose for a short distance before it suddenly veered off the snowmobile track, turned around and charged them. The moose proceeded to charge several more times, one time even grazing Bob Powell, during the frightening standoff that lasted about two minutes.

Bob Powell tried to keep the snowmobile between himself and the moose. He fell back to his wife’s machine when the moose charged. With no trees to use as cover, Janis Powell fired a warning shot toward the moose. Unperturbed, the moose stared at the couple for a few seconds longer before ambling off down the trail.

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Anonymous said...

i think the reson the mosse might of had this bad attitude is cuz it looks like he had a bad time with the human that took his horns out judging by his sides it looks like he was hit 10 time with a bus... moshiach now!