Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Members Of Williamsburg Shomrim Charged In Assault

Five members some are from the neighborhood watch group in Williamsburg have been charged with attacking a young man back in December. They allegedly chased 23-year-old Taj Patterson down Flushing Avenue while he was walking home. Patterson was allegedly jumped by the group and police say they beat him up.  Patterson suffered multiple injuries to his head and body and lost sight in one eye.

Rabbi Moshe David Niederman, President of United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn‏, sought to ease tensions amid today’s, condemning the gang attack against Taj Patterson with ‘the strongest possible terms.’  “The bedrock of the Williamsburg community is tolerance for one and ​an​other,” said Rabbi Niederman. “Any act of violence by any individual, against anyone,​ for whatever reason, is condemned in the strongest possible terms. We will continue to build bridges between all communities, as we have done in the past, to create a better Williamsburg for ​all of ​its residents.”


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt mind if they were imprisoned. they deserve it!!!
you would think silly bochurim would be responsible for this, not professional adults!!!

Anonymous said...

do we know the full story?
how do w know this guy hasnt been threatening/abusing / attacking them in the past?
its rare you get such a large shomrim force in numbers,
its clear there was past history and they saw him as a threat, and tried to restrain him when he was acting suspiciously
he obviously fought back hence the outcome
this is all speculation however, all the shomrim are criminal background checked and most have families, they would not randomly do this without cause for reason