Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Reveal - Lipa Schmeltzer & Ari Lesser

Just in time for Purim 2014 comes "The Reveal", an all new music video, turning back the clock to the golden age of cinema.
Starring Lipa Schmeltzer and Ari Lesser and featuring Zvika Bornstein as none other than Charlie Chaplin, The Reveal takes a look back in time at Purim of the past in order to drive home an important lesson.

Produced and Directed - Danny Finkelman
Song written by - Cecelia Margules
Yiddish lyrics - Lipa Schmeltzer
Rap - Ari Lesser

"There is a famous Jewish law that if you read the Megilla backwards, you are did not fulfill the mitzvah of Megilla," explained producer and director Danny Finkelman. "The Chasidic interpretation of that statement is that if you think the story of Purim is something that happened back in the day, then you have missed the whole point of Purim. Just like G-d's name isn't mentioned in the Megilla, but his presence can be felt throughout the story of Purim, so too, G-d continues to be with us today, every day of our lives."

Featuring an original composition by Cecelia Margules and music by Ruli Ezrachi, The Reveal has a distinctly retro feel, enforcing the timelessness of Purim and all that it teaches us.

"Maybe we don't feel G-d's presence in our everyday lives or maybe we only feel that connection on Yom Kippur at Neilah, but it is there, every single day," says Lipa.


Gruntiger said...

this is really an amazing piece of music!! LIPA & LESSER gr8 partnership u guys should make an album 2gether!!! where can i download this song?

Anonymous said...

Lovely video.....

Anonymous said...

this actually is impressive....