Thursday, March 06, 2014

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes

Megillas Lester is a full length animated feature film depicting the fictional story of Doniel Lesterovitch ("Lester"); a boy whose imagination turns the Purim story upside down. Suddenly finding himself at the feast of King Achashverosh, Lester is ordered to summon queen Vashti to the party... and he inadvertently convinces her to go! With Vashti alive and well, Esther never needs to come to the palace - and that leaves nobody to save the Jews from evil Haman! Follow Lester's hilarious and thrilling adventure as he tries to set his version of the Purim story back on track...

Enjoy below a collection of 7 sneak peak behind the scenes video clips.

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Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: The Actors - Get to know the real live actors that are the voices of Lester, Bigsan, Achashverosh, Haman and more!

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Motion Capture - What is motion capture and how does computerizing and capturing a characters movements make them so much more real? Watch as the Kolrom team suits-up to show you first hand!

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Songs - What does it take to create a Megillas Lester song? Let Shmuli Rosenberg of SkylineMusic take you on a virtual tour of the Music, Lyrics, Singers and animation as they all come together to create the super sing-able songs you'll be humming along with!

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Character Creation - Find out what makes us laugh along with Seresh, or sigh when Lester sighs...see how the Kolrom team brings the Megillas Lester characters to life!

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: 3D Modeling & Animation - Learn about the incredibly intricate process involved in taking a mere "cartoon" to a whole new dimension.'s not what you think!

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Sourced vs Fiction: - Within Lester's funny and fictional tale are many details learned from the Pesukim, Meforshim and words of Chazal on Megillas Esther. Discover the meticulous attention to detail in how the producers utilized source material for this film.

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Sets & Environments - See Lester's world from the inside. Learn what it means to create a full-fledged 3D animated, and in ancient Shushan!

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