Monday, February 24, 2014

Settlers Pay Fine with $5000 in Coins

Shomron residents appealed the uprooting of olive trees on Givat HaRoeh. The court ruled the petitioners must pay the legal fees amounting to 5,000 NIS after losing the appeal. The money was paid to attorney Sfarad in 10 agorot coins.

Eight Shomron youths arrived in the law office of Michael Sfarad carrying eight pails of 10 agorot coins. Sfarad is the attorney for left-wing activists that petitioned the Supreme Court to compel the uprooting of the olive trees planted by Yonatan Rothschild. They also called on the court to distance Rothschild from the area.

They went to the Bank of Israel and withdrew 5,000 NIS in 10 agorot coins, 50,000 coins to be exact, and schlepped it to the office of attorney Sfarad to make the payment.

Officials in the attorney’s office explained it may take a number of days to write the receipt since they have to count the money.

Shomron residents involved in the case explain “we respect the court and therefore we were careful to pay the amount required.”


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