Sunday, January 05, 2014

Shimon G at "Lipa on Broadway"

Photographer and reporter Shimon Gifter at last week's "Lipa on Broadway" show.

Click Here for more videos of this event.


cool masmid said...

S Gifter should have asked me what I think of the show. I wasn't there - but from seeing a bunch of clips I would tell him and Lips how pathetic and ridiculous the whole thing is. How sad that so many frum yidden would go and burn hours on this absolute secular event that has no yiddishe ta'am at all. For shame!!!!

Anonymous said...

my name is chaim and i live in the uk.
i have always, and i mean ALWAYS been a major fan of using modern uplifting music and putting a yidish soulful taam on it for a good purpose.
heck, all those mbd and fried and dedi style songs from the 90s or late 80s - the guitars, the violins - at the time, extremists were screaming `this is not frum music`, but the vast majority of rabonim, including chief rabbis all allowed it, because ANYBODY could see it was a case of using modern glorious music/ orchestras and using it for a beautiful spiritual purpose.
nowadays, you get people sitting in their living room with a dj box, pumping out techno music, and all sorts of garbage, music videos which have this obsession with showing people doing silly dance moves on the floor, yet if you criticise it you are told to `move with the times`. really?
the likes of eli teitelbaum z`l and yerachmiel begun, moshe laufer and yigal calek have all publicly stated about the importance of keeping JEWISH MUSIC JEWISH, and sadly, and yes i will say it, there is a fine line that the likes of lipa have taken.
it is absolutly revolting that the guys out there that do have beautiful voices like wald, and williger are put to the side in `honour` of the colourful uniforms and flashy glasses and three piece `orchestras` that modern jewish music provides.
even the really good recent jewish hits (wont mention the name) have been majorly influenced by auto tune.
when you see a chasana where the 20/30 year old yungermen are dancing to a techno music, you know something is seriously wrong with society