Monday, November 11, 2013

Yaakov Shwekey and Friends Sing with Chaim Yosef Kalter

B"H Chaim Yosef ben Rus (Kalter), Bracha and their children (ages 6 , 4 , 2) have flown from Las Vegas and currently in NY. Due to his weaken condition and low immune system, Chaim Yosef was transferred via a private jet as there were no further medical options available in Las Vegas. With much Siyata Dishmaya, Chaim Yosef has been accepted to a clinical trial only available in NY. Upon arrival in NY two weeks ago, his friends arranged this beautiful kumzits with Yaakov Shwekey. He visited with his new medical team and started treatments. The clinical trial is estimated to be 6 months long (6 cycles).

Additional funds are greatly needed to cover costs which we estimate may reach over $15,000 per month. Many needed nursing and medical services are not covered by insurance and are out of pocket. This is in addition to living and other expenses that are needed to help the family during this time.

Please help today by donating. The most we can do is help ease their financial plight and alleviate some of the challenges both Chaim Yosef, His Wife and family are dealing with. The prognosis is terminal cancer and Chaim Yosef ben Rus is 32 years old and wants to continue fighting on to be there for his wife and 3 young children and his extended family.

To donate online (tax deductible ) Click Here.

To send in a tax deductible donation the address is:
Las Vegas Kollel
Co/Rabbi Meth
1475 Rancho Ridge Drive
Henderson, NV 89012
Please place a memo on the Check "Chaim Yosef Chesed Fund"

Tizku L'Mitzvos to all for the chizuk you have given to Chaim Yosef and his family.


Anonymous said...

Does he have a vocal coach?

Anonymous said...

Refuah Sheleimoh bekorov.....