Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oorah’s Auction Now Live!!!

Chanukah is coming up soon, and you know what that means. It’s time for frying fests, draidel games, endless parties and… the Oorah Auction! A few of the prizes may have changed this year, but everything you’ve come to love about Oorah’s annual Auction is still the same. Every single prize is still only $5 an entry (plus, every sixth ticket is free!) and you can still choose from a dozen quality free gifts. Introduced last year, your donation will again automatically enter you into the Million Dollar Raffle.

Let’s talk about the prizes for a minute, shall we? Many are old favorites- think trip to Israel, Fiveishmobile and diamond necklace. But then there are some new ones thrown into the mix. Outer space experience! (Ever wanted to feel weightless, like an astronaut stepping onto the moon?) $5,000 cash! (Cold, hard cash. Yours to do what you like with it.) Check out the full selection of fab $5 prizes on the Oorah Auction website.

From $40 and up, your donation starts to earn you free swag. Shmorg Tales, Shmorg Tunes, Shmorg Tube and any of a dozen free gifts, from a food processor to a double DVD player, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch to Fiveish linen. Browse all the valuable and entertaining free gifts.

Above all, your donation to the Oorah Auction goes to help thousands of Jewish children and their families discover the beauty and richness of their Jewish heritage through Oorah’s many programs including TorahMates, TheZone summer camps and weekly Chil Zone groups, to name just a few. Enter NOW to donate to the vital cause of kiruv rechokim and have fun with exciting prizes and free gifts. Call (877) 7-AUCTION or visit Oorah Auction  to enter now.

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