Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Worlds Oldest Known Jew Celebrates 113th Birthday

VIN News - Goldie Steinberg, the woman who is reported to be the world’s oldest living Jew, was the center of attention today at Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center today October 30th 2013 in Long Beach.  The occasion?  Her 113th birthday.

Mrs. Steinberg is verified to be the 14th oldest living super-centenarian in the world, the 7th oldest in the United States and the 2nd oldest in New York.

According to Moishe Heller, Grandell’s administrator, Mrs. Steinberg, who walks with a walker, is as lucid as ever.  “I don’t know if the other 13 people who are ahead of her with their arichus yomim have minds that are as sharp as hers,” Heller told VIN News Hurricane Sandy caused Mrs. Steinberg’s party to be postponed until January last year and the guest of honor was slightly under the weather for her 112th birthday party. This year, however, circumstances were very different, with Mrs. Steinberg chatting amiably with family members, friends, reporters and the elected officials who were in attendance.

Goldie Steinberg was born in Romania on Oct. 30, 1900. she came to the U.S. in 1923 and lived in Brooklyn, she is a widow whose husband died in 1967. She is the mother of two, with a 78-year-old son and a 71-year-old daughter

For perspective, William McKinley was president of the United States when Steinberg was born. When the Wright Brothers flew, Steinberg was 3 years old. She was a teenager during World War I, and was 44 when World War II ended. And when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969, Steinberg was already on Social Security.

Asked for the secret of her longevity, Mrs. Steinberg commented, “My father was always an honest and giving person and that is how I lived my whole life.”

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