Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miracle in CH as Boy Survives Crash

Surveillance cameras on Montgomery Street in Crown Heights captured how a young Jewish boy is run over by a speeding van and then miraculously crawls out unscathed.

0:08 white van stops at red light on Albany ave
0:18 boy on scooter stops at red light NE
0:42 light changes to green
0:46 boy enters crosswalk
0:48 van hits boy (bottom left screen)
0:51 van stops, boy emerges from UNDER back of van (left top screen)
0:55 boy gets up and runs to sidewalk
1:04 ppl run to help
1:17 driver comes out of van to check on boy

Boy was taken to hospital and released after observations – doctors and police did not believe he was hit by car due to the miraculously little injury (bruise on back of head).

HT: ColLive

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אז ס'איז באשערט איז באשערט