Friday, June 21, 2013

The Miraculous Recovery of a Child from Clifton NJ

Rephael Yoel Ozer, an adorable two year old toddler residing in Clifton, NJ, was hit and crushed by a car four months ago. His injuries were so severe that doctors r”l did give him much of a chance. Now, his family released a video detailing his miraculous recovery.

On February 5th 2013 a driver suffered a medical condition, lost control of his vehicle, jumped the curb and plowed into a number of cars that were parked in driveways. Baby Rephael Yoel Ozer was standing next to his mothers vehicle waiting to be put in when the careening car pinned him between the two vehicles, crushing him.

His injuries were so severe and doctors described them in unthinkable terms, pegging little hope in the child’s survival.

Today, four months later, Rephael Yoel regained almost all his fine motor skills and although his path to a complete recovery is still long he has B”H made significant improvements.

Watch what the wonders of Tefillah, Tzedakkah and doing extra mitzvos accomplished. Hashem heard and performed a real life miracle!

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Mothers name for Tehilim?