Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ground Breaking Sites Offer Full Service Simcha Planning

In a first for the Jewish community, a soon to debut simcha site will not only feature an all encompassing, geographically targeted wedding and Bar Mitzvah directory but will also take advantage of modern technology in order to offer innovative, full service wedding and bar mitzvah planning.

Both OdYishama.com, and its sister site BarMitzvahDeals.com, which have been in the development stages for almost a year, promise to provide one stop shopping for anyone planning a simcha. A full service directory offering a comprehensive list of vendors in over twenty different regions across the United States, Canada, Israel and London, the two sites will simplify event planning by providing easy access to the many people and services that are integral in pulling a simcha together, as well as numerous novel and creative features. The brainchild of a pair of 25 year old enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Brooklyn, Yosef Shidler and Chaim Hertzel, OdYishama and Bar MitzvahDeals may forever change the face of simcha planning.

"What we are about to introduce will completely revolutionize wedding and Bar Mitzvah planning," explained Shidler. "We have been hard at work conceptualizing the sites since last summer and began working with a team of expert coders last December. We have invested significant sums of money in this project and are confident that we are bringing something to the table that will be of incredible value to both the consumer and our advertisers."

The Simcha Quote System will offer users the ability to contact multiple vendors at once, informing them of the logistics of their simcha and how much they are willing to pay for a particular service. Od Yishama and Bar Mitzvah Deals will pass that information on to the appropriate vendors who can respond by either accepting the job at the named price or by bidding on the job with a counter offer, providing users with the ability to negotiate with several vendors simultaneously without investing countless hours on phone calls.

Od Yishama will also offer free custom made wedding and Bar Mitzvah websites giving baalei simcha a unique and convenient way to manage the details of their upcoming event, including registry links, online RSVPs, a blog, a photo gallery and more.

A New Engagement Page will be just one feature of Od Yishama's Simcha Center, which in addition to featuring pictures, details, and updates, will also have a Simcha Calendar so that people can share the details of their simcha with the public. Both sites will be interlinked with social media, and visitors will have the ability to comment on pictures and share their photos. The Educational Center will include helpful articles and other useful tips for simcha planning and a photo gallery will give users the opportunity to easily share treasured pictures of their milestone event with friends and family. Another unique feature will give users the opportunity to rate their experiences with site vendors, leaving useful feedback which can be of benefit both to the vendors as well as potential customers and a forum will give users the ability to chat with others about simcha related topics.

"I think this is an idea whose time has come," said Hertzel. "When I was getting married, we had to go hall hopping to find the perfect location, in addition to doing the same thing with bands, florist, photographers, printers and countless others. We live in a new age with so many modern marvels and anyone making a simcha is going to love this site because it streamlines the entire process and saves them time, money and countless headaches."

While Shidler and Hertzel are eagerly anticipating the inaugural launch of the twin simcha sites, they have no plans to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors once the sites go live. Proposed features for the future include the ability to maintain guest lists and to plan out table seating.

"We are planning on continued growth, working with feedback from our users to further develop and update the sites so that we can continue evolving into the ultimate simcha tool," explained Shidler. "We have no interest in being just another simcha directory. Our goal is to be everything for weddings and everything for Bar Mitzvahs and we hope to continue providing those services to the public for a very, very long time."

For a very limited time, Shidler and Hertzel are offering potential advertisers extremely attractive pre-launch rates, enabling vendors to take advantage of a ground floor opportunity in what is sure to be a very lucrative business venture.

For more information contact site: TheSimchaDirectory@gmail.com

Both Od Yishama and Bar Mitzvah Deals will be officially launched at the end of the summer and vendors are encouraged to sign up for a free listing in the directory.

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