Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thousands Protest Military Draft In Israel

Tens of thousands of people participated in a massive rally near the IDF's Rashi Street recruitment center. The protest against the planned induction of yeshiva students into the Israeli Army was organized by the Eidah HaCharedis and was attended by leading rabbonim and gedolim.

Despite the best efforts to keep the rally peaceful by Eidah representatives, conflict involving firecrackers, rocks, horses. and other types of violence broke out between the participants and the security forces keeping a perimeter around the recruitment office, leading to several arrests and injuries to all parties involved, including the horses.


Anonymous said...

im sorry but charadim are out of line...what a chilul hashem..

Anonymous said...

After watching this, i'm starting to understand more and more each day why Lapid and friends want to get rid of them