Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miami in Concert All New DVD

This DVD  isn't one choir concert filmed, but rather songs and choirs from different Miami shows. In some songs, footage is cut in and combined from different shows.

Featured on this DVD are the songs from Miami USA last two albums, Mi La'shem Ailai & When the Siyum Calls. As a bonus a selection from Miami Mizrach, Miami's choir in Eretz Yisroel, was added.

There are also 4 special features. 2 Features, 'Miami at Pomegranate' shot in 2010, and 'In the Beginning', showing how the Israeli choir began and were trained even long distance from the U.S., were shown at the Brooklyn College Pesach shows in 2010 & 2011. Both were never before released on DVD. The 3rd feature is video highlights of a radio interview with Yerachmeil Begun, choir members, and special guests on The Nachum Segal show in 2011. The 'When the Siyum Calls' video on HD format rounds out the special features.

'Miami in Concert' is 90 minutes running time. Now available on DVD, distributed by Aderet.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a disaster - diferent songs from 3 different choirs (count the two changes of boys and the israeli choir), plus its from lots of diffrent concerts, and different songs mashed to gether in one, plus interviews on nachum segal all which you can get already on youtube?
ugh what a mess of a video, who the heck wants to see that.
wish they would have just recorded miami 36 in full - thats what all the die hard miami fans want to see, not a mish mash of different concerts over 4 years!

Anonymous said...

Can tell u know notn!! Miami yova was as u call it a 'mish mash' of 3 dif concerts yet it was one of the best dvds ever!!! any true miami fan will luv this! wat cld be better then watching the kids grow and ther voices develop over the years!!!

Anonymous said...

what could be better?

miami 36 with its large orchestra and all the alumni

the nostalgia and importance of that concert is what all die hard mbc fans want... not a mish mash of 4 yrs