Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dramatic Footage Cargo Boeing 747 Crashes

A civilian cargo aircraft crashed at Bagram Air Field near the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, killing all seven people aboard. The plane came down shortly after take-off and crashed within the boundaries of the US-run airbase, a NATO spokesperson at the base said. The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the crash, but the coalition dismissed the claim as "false" in a statement to AP. The cause of the crash is being investigated by emergency crews, but no sign of insurgent activity in the area was spotted at the time, the statement added.

Warning! Viewer discretion is advised.


pundi said...

holy smokes

Gruntiger said...

pundi, I think that your comment of "holy smokes" displays a lack of sympathy for the 7 people aboard the airplane that perished. Every time that I use the term 'holy smokes' it is always about something cool so I think that next time you should think your comment through a little bit more.