Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chabad with Moshe Laufer -2

"Chabad with Moshe Laufer - Volume II", a collection of wordless and soul-stirring nigunim, uplifting the listener and elevating the soul from the lowest and mundane, to the highest spiritual heights. Lubavitcher nigunim are beloved and cherished, sung by all Chassidic groups and Yeshivas, and played on happy occasions. The Nigunim presented in 'Chabad with Moshe Laufer - Volume II' were composed in part by the Lubavitcher Rebbes.

The album features more than 10 instrumental Chabad nigunim, some are less known and some of them are not known at all to the general public. Over 40 musicians participated in the making of this album. Mixed by Shmuel Yonah. Produced and Directed by Levik Touboul.

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