Sunday, March 03, 2013

Purim Music and Entertainment Videos - Part 5

The last group of Purim 5773 videos.

Sh'or Yushov - Shenemar(Eli Gerstner) Music Video - Sh'or Yushov students put together a music video for the Yeshiva Purim Shpiel

Director/Editor: Tzvi Aryeh Wagschal. Producer: Uriel Razovsky. Asst DP: Chaim Ozer Steinmetz.

Oifen Pripitchik Chabad Serbia - Rabbi Yehoshua Kaminetzky with his sons at first haircut celebration of Yoni in Belgrade, Purim 2013.

Poltova on Purim - Shlomo Katz - From the author: "In between crazy sets at Reisheet, drummer caught me singing one of my favorite niggunim Apologies for the know, Purim!"

Kol Bonaich Rabbi Osher Shapiro Narol, street dancing on Purim day 2013, Bobover Yeshiva and the Purim Rov.

Rock & Purim - Istanbul, Turkey, Attended by 3,200 people. Performance by Buba Myses.

Clip 2

The MTA (YU high school) Band performs at MTA's Annual Purim Chagigah

Sh'or Yushov Purim Shpiel 2013/5773 - Sh'or Yushov students put together a Yeshiva Purim Shpiel. Director: Chaim Ozer Steinmetz. Producer/Editor: Tzvi Aryeh Wagschal. Asst Producer: Uriel Razovsky.

 Neshoma Orchestra at Chaim Berlin Purim Party. Video by Shimon Gifter.

Purim 5773 in Novominsk

WYHS Yeshiva Humor Purim Video: Weekend Update

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