Friday, February 01, 2013

Outraged By Brooklyn College Anti-Israel Forum

Protesters at Brooklyn College rallied against a pro-Palestinian forum scheduled to be held on the campus next week. The demonstrators say the lecture featuring two people from an anti-Israel group is egregious and portrays the school as being supportive of radicalism.
Students were mixed on the issue. Some say they favor divergent opinions while others say there is no excuse for hatred. College officials say their campus is very diverse, which is why they decided to go ahead with the event. It will be held Feb. 7 with a question and answer period to follow.

 "This lecture, which is funded by tax dollars, gives a platform to the BDS movement, whose goal is to delegitimize Israel's existence," said Assemblyman Hikind. "Like its philosophical brothers in Hamas, BDS aims to eliminate the State of Israel from the map. Only its tactics differ from its terrorist cousins: While Hamas blows up busses of innocent men, women and children, BDS works to isolate Israelis, to cut them off from business."

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