Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chinese Official Flips Out After Missing Flight

Hilarious video of a Chinese Communist official trashing an airport boarding gate in a rage after missing his flight. Yan Linkun and his wife were caught on CCTV trying to board at Changshui International Airport when they are reportedly told the plane had already left.  Mr Yan initially reacts by pushing violently at the doors, but as his temper boils over he starts ripping out computers on the steward's desk and throwing them to the ground.

Eventually, Mr Yan calms down when airport officials arrive, but he continues to remonstrate about his apparent injustice.


Cheli Bigelman said...

Love how their is a bunch of police and they aren't stopping him and hundredes people are watching like its some show :D

Anonymous said...

i think, cheli, they're captains, not police.
i LOVE that we have a concept and reality call HASHGOCHO PROTIS - DIVINE PROVIDENCE