Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purim 5773 at Rebbes and Communities Part 2

Nigun Daled Bovos of the Baal Hatanya on violin at the Pshevorsk Rebbe Purim Tish 5773

Singing the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Ki Anu Amecha at Beis Medrash Gavoha, Lakewood

Bobov Shushan Purim 2013 Dancing

Purim night at Beis Medrash Govoha (BMG) in Lakewood, NJ.

Students of Mr Wertzbergers Music School Performing the song Eilecho By the Spinka Rabbis Tish. The melody was composed by Shlomo Carlebach and the words of Tehilim 30 were put to it by R' Eili Teitelbaum whose 5th Yahrtzeit was on Tuesday the 16th of Adar.

Mr. Wertzbergers students by Spinka Tish on Purim.

Purim 5773 With Gaon Av Beis Din Yerushalayim Rav Tuvia Weiss.

Purim 5773 In Dushinsky

Purim at Shlomo Heyman

Purim 5773 In Modzitz

Video of the full reading of the Megilah by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - Purim 5773

Oorah's Purim Mesiba at Lake Terrace in Lakewood for Oorah's staff and B'nei torah, with HaRav Reuven Feinstein and HaRav Chaim Mintz.

Shushan Purim 2013 in Karlin - Stolin / Mea Shearim

Shushan Purim 2013 in Chassidut Toldot Avraham Yitzchak in Mea Shearim / Jerusalem Part 1

 Part 2

Purim 2013 Lelov

Purim Tish In Serdahel 5773

Purim Tish with the Niklesburger of Boro Park

At the Niklesburger Beis Hamadrish in Boro Park 4912 16 Ave. In this video the Rebbe giving out Purim Gelt 5773.

Bobov in London - Shushan Purim 2013 Rebbe Dayen Dancing

Siuym Sefer Torah On The Streets of Williamsburg Shushan Purim 5773

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