Tuesday, February 12, 2013

21 Years Since the Murder of Pesah Leah Lapine HY"D

21 years ago Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine HY"D, was murdered in 1992 at her home in Crown Heights. The Lubavitcher Rebbe attended her funeral, and after Shiva gave over and address regarding her sacrifice.

excerpts of the Sicha: "Everything that occurs in this world is by Divine plan; how much more so when a Jewish life is given in sanctification of G-d's Name. But that doesn't make the pain any easier to bear...

It is said that Rabbi Yosef Caro was on such a high level that he earned the opportunity to give his life for G-d. Subsequently, however, he lost that merit, but instead went on to author the Code of Jewish Law. This proves that the merit of giving one's life in sanctification of G-d's Name is greater than becoming one of the chief expositors of Jewish law of all time!

As for G-d holding 'precious' the self-sacrifice of a Jew, it's enough that Jews are in exile over 1900 years! May G-d spare us from all further sacrifices, and immediately send the Redemption, and the Resurrection, at which time she and her children will be joyfully reunited."

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9 Adar I, 5752 - February 13, 1992.

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