Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Whale Beached In Queens

A 60-foot-long finback whale was discovered beached Wednesday morning along Jamaica Bay in Breezy Point, Queens. Rescuers from the Riverhead Foundation said the whale was starving and struggling. Police and volunteer firefighters were using a hose to put water on the whale Wednesday morning. According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, finback whales are second in size only to the blue whale, They are typically 20 feet long at birth and can grow to 70 feet long.


Anonymous said...

she sounds like a vegetarian and a freeeeeeeeeeek!

Anonymous said...

you have to relize these people get more devastated from the death of an animal then a human.somone should explain to her that this poor whale probaly completed its tafkid on this world and its moving onto a better place with all its forefather whales.and i geus it came out to this beach to give its final goodbye to the rockaway residents