Wednesday, December 05, 2012

We're Lighting The Menorah - Music Video

We're Lighting The Menorah - Reishit Yerushalayim

yeh its chankuah night and the draidle's spinnin on the floooor i got a latka in my hand and its made of pa-tay-toe (potato)

we just finished rosh hashanah had enough of apples and honey now we're eatin chocolate gelt and sufganiyot with jelly

those yevanim thought they could wipe us ouuuuttt we're lighting the menorah God was on our side which they didn't know about. we're lighting the menorah Jews is what we are and we all unite. we're lighting the menorah publicize the neis with our candlelight we're lighting the menorah

i'm jewish jewish baby i'm awfully crazaay i got my mommy tatty bubby and i i got my zaidy but now in the past the greeks didn't want us to last so they said that we have to give up judaism fast but the maccabees said no we want to be jewish we won't succumb to your strict demands that's what you wish so judah a nd the maccabees fought to get back the torah

we're lighting the menorah so the six fought but the greeks thought it'll be an onslaught this is why we say

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