Thursday, December 06, 2012

RCCS "Balaichtungen" Music Video - Yoely Greenfeld

In Honor of the RCCS live auction to be held today, Yoely Greenfeld releases a brand new Music Video with the song "Balaichtungen" which captures the plight of a father to a sick child that goes around collecting signatures and words of encouragement by random people as they put it down on the paper that the father will eventually present to his son.

Directed by Danny Finkelman, Sparksnext Director of photography: Sean Sinderbrand

Actors: Father: Shai Wiener Son: Gedalya Rauch Doctor: Ari Pfeffer Barber: David Chazan Associate Producer: Tzvi Waldman Musical production: Leib Yaakov Rigler Script by: Tzvi Waldman Edited by: Sean Sinderbrand Composed by: Noam Kamelhar and Michoel Pruzansky Lyrics by: Motti Illowitz Choir by: Yedidim Co Produced by: Simi Davidowitz

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