Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Musical Chanukah Performances Around The Globe

Eli Marcus singing his own style of Dreidel at a Chanukah event in Philadelphia.

Rabbinical Armi Choir Mauz Tzur

Ephraim Mendelson performing for the children of the South. Chanukah 5773.

More of Eli Marcus at a Chanukah event in Philadelphia.

Dancing in Philly

Rabbi Jungreis the Niklesburger Rebbe's class in Yeshaivas Chaim Berlis, dancing and singing l'koved Chanukah.

Lazer-The Candles Burning - The flame of the candle yearns to reach back to it's source like our soul. For this to happen we have to light the candle and light the soul so it shouldn't get trapped in the body.

DeScribe at Chanukah on the River in San Antonio, Texas 2012


Cantor Marrus sings Chanukah Oh Chanukah

Rabbinical Armi Choir - Chanukah Style

Rabbinical Armi Choir - Vehi Sheamda

Rabbinical Armi Choir - Amar Rabi Chanina

A little clip from the recording session of the new hit single "Al Hanisim" from Yonatan Nitzan and Rocky Ziegler.

 Ahron Razel singing at chabad Chanukah event at Mamilla mall Jerusalem Israel, third night of Chanukah 5773 (2012).

Shloimie Silver singing at the Madregos Cafe

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