Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eagle Snatches Kid

A golden eagle circles a Montreal park before swooping down and appearing to grab a toddler with its claws and trying to fly off with him, The video shows the child's parent looking on in horror as the feathered beast, one of the world's deadliest birds of prey, apparently snatches the boy and lifts him a few feet off the ground.  Footage then shows the eagle dropping the child on the grass a few feet away.

Update: The “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” video, uploaded to YouTube on the evening of December 18, is fictional and was made by Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, students at Centre NAD, in the production simulation workshop class of the Bachelors degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design.

ABC News' Sharyn Alfonsi shares the truth behind the video.

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Anonymous said...

It's fake!! I know the person who did this video