Thursday, December 06, 2012

Can You Guess What Song This Will Be For?

Oorah in Lakewood, NJ, filming a clip for one of their music videos, set to be released on their upcoming Shmorg 2013 DVD.

Using the trees and some homes along the road as a backdrop, the acting depicted a ‘Yeshivish’ dating scene involving two Yeshivish dating ‘couples’, and a 1968 Buick. In case you couldn’t read the license plate, it reads ‘IRV-GUY’. And there was a Brisker Sefer in the windshield, giving it the authentic look.

The DVD - expected to be completed in the coming weeks, is sent out to donors who purchase $40 or more in Oorah’s Auction.


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OT Bochur said...

The shadchen song from journeys?