Monday, December 31, 2012

A Reckless Father

How not to cross the street while holding on to two kids.


Anonymous said...

oh my g-d! why on earth are you posting this kind of video?
do you think this is what people want to see??????????

Anonymous said...

Gruntig is one of the best websites on the net,its so good i check it out 3 times a day....BUT why oh why would you put this video up..

Anonymous said...

why are you getting upset on gruntig for posting? 1st of all they are okay, 2nd of all this is a good reminder to be careful when crossing.

Anonymous said...

i dont think thos video should be posted!!

miriam said...

Most sane people I know do not need a video like this to remind them!
regardless of whether the people in it are ok or not, it's a horrifying sight to see a father pull his own children into the road like that!
There is NOTHING this video is teaching that people are not already aware of!