Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Historical Footage - Behind The Scenes of "Moshiach"

For the first time ever,  an intimate behind the scenes look at the making of one of Jewish music's most vintage albums ever.

Jewish music superstar Mordechai Ben David  produced perhaps his most anticipated album in 1992. "Moshiach" the tittle track of the album, turned out to be, arguably, his greatest hit ever. Below is a rare glimps into the recording of that album. From the recording of the instruments, to the men's choir and everything in-between. The arranger Mona Rosenblum  and composer Yossi Green are seen among others as well.

All videos by Natan Ibgui

Part 2. Includes Shema Beni and more

Part 3. Includes Rashi's Nigun


Anonymous said...

Simply Legendary!!! They didn't make'em in those days & certainly not in these days!! He had a heavenly, smooth, You name it! all different blends! ultra powerful voice & warmth which NO SINGER (even fried) can even begin to match up! I enjoy MBD even now days although its not comparable.

Anonymous said...

no auto tune, no fancy dresses.. no stupid dancers..... LIPA AND YBC TAKE NOTE FROM IT..

Anonymous said...

be honest though mbd`s voice is absolutly nothing like it used to be :(

Anonymous said...

mbd the all time king

Anonymous said...

If you ever had any doubts if MBD is the "Undisputable King of Jewish Music" watch these videos... MBD is phenomenal! Just watch how he sings in the studio as if he's performing, with so much kochos and feeling!!

Anonymous said...

and boom its been taken down or i should say put on private ::(