Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Both Satmar Rebbes Attend Meeting of Rabbonim

Meeting Regarding Metiztza B'Peh In The Office Of The CRC (Hisachdus) in Williamsburg. 16 Elul, 5772.

Satmar Rebbes  brothers Rav Ahron and Rav Zalman Leib both attend, as well as the Pupa and Galanta Rebbes among other Rabbonim.


Anonymous said...

It's about time those two chill together enough with silly fights. There supposed to be role models not the opposite chas vashalom

Anonymous said...

Before rosh hashana it's a big big time to make shalom with everyone especially family !!!

Anonymous said...

Why is a big deal if both are together??? I thought they were brothers aren't brothers supposed to be together? It's extremely sad wat they've become and how much they brought down the chasidis