Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Baby Duckies Survive Busy Highway Crossing

A heart-stopping drama played out on a Toronto-area highway when a mother duck and her flock of baby ducklings tried to scoot across four lanes of traffic, Last week, The daring travails of the duck family caught the amazed attention of a CTV News Chopper cameraman, who videotaped their mission to escape Highway 407, near Dixie Road north of Toronto. Aerial footage shows the ducks wandering along a median between the east and west lanes of the toll highway, before slipping through a hole in the cement barrier and lurching into traffic.

What follows is a few tense minutes of heart-stopping footage of obligatory adorable baby duckies skipping, Frogger-style, through gaps in traffic and being scattered in all directions by wind gusts as cars and trucks speed past. It appears the ducklings all managed to escape the highway unscathed, before the mother duck hurried the younglings away from the highway and into a grassy glen.

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